Upcycled Furniture

Full-Restoration-and-Repaint of Dresser

Bring new life into old furniture, repurpose, recolour and rejuvenate it. An environmentally friendly way to update your home.

Think book cases, desks, chairs or chest of drawers, limited only by your imagination.

Table Restoration

A table disassembled

 Wobbly legs or damages surfaces, we can take your not so functional table and turn it back into something you’re proud to eat Christmas dinner off.

Teak, mahogany, pine or whatever else you have, we can strip, rebuild and repolish.

Inlaid Occasional Table Restoration

Antique table being rebuilt and Restored
Antique Table Rebulit and Restored

Damaged inlay, bits missing, not a problem we can reconstruct and mend seamlessly.

There’s so much beautiful work in these pieces, it’s a shame to let them decay badly, we can restore and preserve this craftwork for future generations to enjoy.

Making of Chairs

Chair Polished-and-Repaired
Four Chairs-Beautifully-Upholstered-and-Restored-

Copy chair making is a speciality of ours, missing one, broke one or just want another one…we can fix that for you.

Strip, rebuild, restore and reupholster bringing old saggy seats back to their former glory.

Cabinet Making

Wardrobe Ready-for-Polishing-and-Restoring
Wardrobe Ready-for-Polishing-and-Restoring

Have an awkward space that you need a bespoke unit for, we do that too.

Collaborate with us to create a unique piece of furniture that fits your space and makes you smile, there’s nothing like having a one off piece in your home.

Bureau Restoration


You got if from your Nans house, you loved it when you were a kid, but it’s seen better days….no bother!

We can bring your bureau or desk back to life regardless of condition.

Davenport Restoration

Refurbished-And-Polished Davenport

New brasses, repolished, repaired and new leather, what more could you want.

Custom Builds


So you’ve seen something you want but it doesn’t fit your space, you can’t find exactly what you’d like but you know what it is…

you need a custom build, we’ll work with you from start to finish to ensure you get just the piece you want.

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